Mount Ararat Missionary Baptist Church

Rev. John D. Walthall III




Rev. John D. Walthall III is a spiritual leader who has over 34 years of ministry experience.  As a visionary pastor of the Mount Ararat Missionary Baptist Church located in Toledo, Ohio, he has encouraged countless individuals to become ambassadors for the Lord.  His efforts have never been unnoticed in private sector positions as he was a supervisor with the City of Toledo.  A chemist through academic training, Pastor Walthall matriculated to the academic side of theological knowledge and studied at a local seminary.


Rev. Walthall, preacher, teacher and a former pastor, had a vision of a congregation that was a big family working together in Christian Service. A ministry that addresses the total person and focuses on “practical application” of Scripture. Rev. Walthall shared this vision with his wife,  Edith, who had served Christ  together with him for over 34 years of ministry. Together they stepped out on faith on this mission for Christ.


Rev. Walthall is also an instructor of Theology for the Toledo Branch of the American Baptist College.




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